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Linux hw raid6 performance using ext4 and xfs (updated)

The story revisited (2012)

The Linux Ext filesystem was definitely improved during the last couple of years.
The sequential write performance was improved a lot. I measure numbers around 2-300MB/s (Linux 2.6.32).

One small note: don't expect to see these numbers on a live system. In a real work environment (under light load) you'll see 30-70MB/sec sequential read and write performance. Random read and write will be even worse.

The original article:

Drucent (Drupal on CentOS) - a homegrown Drupal development sandbox (virtual machine)

A couple of years ago I've created a Linux-based virtual machine (VM) for Web/software demos that require a server component (web, db, etc.). It was very easy to carry the VM everywhere and demonstrate the results running an entire client-server environment on my laptop.

Based on this experience, I've created a VM for Drupal site and module developers. (There were some similar systems but they were based on different OS distros and/or they seemed to be a bit abandoned.)

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