Forget Fedora

I've been using Fedora for a couple of years now. I was kind of happy with it. I liked Gnome3 and I could handle the minor annoyances. It was stable enough to serve as my work, travel and home opsys.

As F16 reaches its EOL, I installed F18 on a clean PC. Well....

It is a disaster

The installer tries to be simple and intuitive but it is oversimplfied and not handy at all.
It crashed two times before I managed to install Fedora. F16 installed on the same PC without any problems.

After spending some time customizing the desktop environment I realized that there are dealbreakers on the road.
I would like to mention only one: I could not set my usual key combination to switch input languages. It was not supported by the GUI (it's a known bug). I had to hand-edit some config files to get the work done. Crazy...

So, finally, after many years, after dropping KDE, I dropped Fedora.

What's next?

I'm still happy with Gnome3, so I finally ended up using Ubuntu Gnome Remix.

It is not without flaws (e.g. forget btrfs on the boot partition if you have multiple OS pre-installed), but I can live with them.
Overall: it is more stable, has fewer annoying things and the user base and available software set is a lot bigger.
I'm now running it on my work, home and laptop computers.

You can have a look at my ubuntu tips.