An {Ontology-Based} Information Retrieval System

CímAn {Ontology-Based} Information Retrieval System
Közlemény típusaConference Paper
Kiadás éve2003
SzerzőkVarga, P., T. Mészáros, C. Dezsényi, and T. P. Dobrowiecki
Konferencia neveDevelopments in Applied Artificial Intelligence
KiadóSpringer Berlin / Heidelberg
Konferencia helyszíneLoughborough, {UK}

Authors describe a general architecture and a prototype application for the concise storage and presentation of the information retrieved from a wide spectrum of information sources. The proposed architecture was influenced by particular challenges of knowledge intensive domain, mining the knowledge content of primarily unstructured textual information, demands for context driven, multi-faceted, up-to-date query and presentation of the required information, and by the intricacies of the Hungarian language, calling for special solutions to a number of linguistic problems.