Download and version history

To install the complete environment on your own server

  1. the operating system should be prepared (at least Mysql, Apache, and PHP. should be installed and configured).
    You can use my rhsetup script to perform post-installation tasks.
  2. Then issue the following command:
bash <(curl -Ls

The script will display everything you need to know before installing the Drupal environment.

OLD vmware images

An OLD Drucent version is also available as a zipped Vmware image. Download the image (400MB).
Please read the docs before using the vmware image.

Version history

This version history and the vmware image are no longer maintained. Use the "live" version as described above


  • The base operating system is updated to CentOS 6.3 including many security fixes and new applications.
    See RHsetup for details.
  • PHP 5.3.16, MySQL 5.5.27
  • core update v6.26
  • new modules for V6
    ./dget install rules 6.x-1.5
    ./dget install securepages 6.x-1.9
    ./dget install securepages_prevent_hijack 6.x-1.6
    ./dget install audiofield 6.x-1.0
    ./dget install jplayer 6.x-1.0-beta3
    ./dget install block_class 6.x-1.4
    ./dget install filefield_sources 6.x-1.4
    ./dget install filefield_sources_reference_opt 6.x-1.2
  • a couple of module patches and tons of module updates
  • See the Changelog for more details.

v20120229 ("the lost version")

  • core update v6.24
  • module updates for V6
    ./dget install simplemenu 6.x-1.15
    ./dget install logintoboggan 6.x-1.10
    ./dget install token 6.x-1.18
    ./dget install views_bulk_operations 6.x-1.13
    ./dget install views 6.x-2.16
  • module patches
    # calendar multiday layout and js fix


  • Drupal core update to 6.22 and 7.8
  • New core patches:
    # core + pathauto i18n bug, see
    # $language is not initialized, see
    # Some modules and custom error page have problems with l()
    # See
    # and
    # and
  • New modules:
    ./dget install google_analytics 6.x-3.3
    ./dget install menu_token 6.x-1.0-alpha2
    ./dget install transliteration 6.x-3.0
    ./dget install profile_checkboxes 6.x-2.0
    ./dget install profile_csv 6.x-1.1
    ./dget install profile_privacy 6.x-1.2
    ./dget install author_pane 6.x-2.2
    ./dget install mass_contact 6.x-1.1
    ./dget install colorbox 6.x-1.1
    ./dget install ckeditor_link 6.x-2.1
    ./dget install browscap 6.x-1.1
  • Updated modules
    ./dget install conditional_fields 6.x-2.0
    ./dget install filefield 6.x-3.10
    ./dget install imce 6.x-2.2
    ./dget install jquery_ui 6.x-1.5
    ./dget install node_export 6.x-2.24
    ./dget install print 6.x-1.14
    ./dget install simplemenu 6.x-1.14
    ./dget install token 6.x-1.16
    ./dget install fusion 6.x-1.12 theme
    ./dget install viewfield 6.x-1.2
    ./dget install views_bulk_operations 6.x-1.11
    ./dget install imce 6.x-2.3
    ./dget install i18n 6.x-1.1
  • New patches:
    - Displaying noderef. views results instead of node titles in HS dropdown lists
    - HS has trouble with cache and multiple forms
    - Allow disable sorting multible HS values, see


  • Included a detailed changelog which can be a basis for "upgrading" existing drucent installations (also see admin/Changelog)
  • New modules: backup_migrate_files, publishcontent, view_unpublished, node_import_update, quiz
  • Lots of module updates
  • Patches for Saveguard, Node_import_update and Views_bonus pack


  • Drupal 6.20
  • basic support for Drupal 7.0 (there aren't many modules for this version)
  • module updates (lightbox, weather, views, ctools, image, etc.)
  • new modules (l10n_update, feeds, hierarchical_select, unique_field, noderelationships, saveguard, resource_conflict, unique_field)
  • a few bugfixes (patches), see GetV6modules
  • removed old (non-maintained) themes and modules


  • core and module updates: drupal 6.19, cck, views, date, i18n, ...
  • core patches: substring search (see issue #103548), detailed HTTP Status 0 error messages (see issue #646694)
  • more import modules, node_import patch to handle references (see issue #403140)
  • new modules: notifications (it is getting better), logintoboggan, simplemenu,  workflow, ...
  • updated skinr+fusion-based themes
  • outgoing mail (e.g. notifications sent via email) - read the docs!
  • migration from fckeditor to ckeditor started (ckeditor is still buggy but it will eventually replace fckeditor)


  • module updates (important security updates)
  • new modules (import/export, etc) and (fusion-based) themes


  • module updates
  • new issue and status pages


  • Drupal 6.16
  • module updates
  • new setup and cleanup scripts
  • reduced image size for lite version (414MB)


  • updated base OS packages
  • PHP downgrade to 5.2.12 (dropped upstream vendor and new packages are built from source)
  • php-pecl-uploadprogress added
  • Drupal core upgrade to 6.15
  • a few module updates
  • new: lite (600MB) and full (1.8GB) versions:
    the lite is for site developers and does not contain graphical environment
    the full is for site and module developers with full graphical environment


  • PhpMyAdmin to manage all drupal databases via Web
  • CentOS upgrade to 5.4
  • PHP upgrade to 5.3.1  (unfortunately it has compatibility problems with date module but php 5.2 is no longer supported by the package vendor)
  • Mysql upgrade to 5.1.41
  • Mysql performance tuning script installed in ~drupal/admin
  • Drupal module updates and a couple of new modules


  • New splash screen (xmessage)
  • A Web page with general info about the installed sites, modules and themes
  • Bugfix: init.d/drucent was not activated


Main changes in this version:

  • Drupal (6.14) and module updates
  • Samba (Windows share) access to the Drupal sites