Tudásalapú információkinyerés: az {IKF} projekt

TitleTudásalapú információkinyerés: az {IKF} projekt
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsDezsényi, C., P. Varga, T. Mészáros, and G. Strausz

In the past decade the Internet became the leading information delivery medium, because it is, in principle, easily and continuously accessible for everyone. However, it is difficult to find the required document in the huge, heterogeneous and distributed network. It is even more complicated to extract the information by browsing and analyzing several sources. Numerous software systems appeared in the past years to support the automated information retrieval processes. These applications use several useful information and knowledge retrieval techniques. Nevertheless these methods appear only partly in some of the provided services, the core services of the systems do not provide real knowledge representation methods. Our aim is to design and develop a complete information and knowledge management system that applies integrated state-of-the-art knowledge intensive techniques. This research is a part of the {IKF} project at the Department of Measurement and Information Systems of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics {(BUTE).} The main goal of the project is to analyze, design and implement a new intelligent knowledge-warehousing environment, allowing advanced knowledge management and decision support. The development is targeted towards specific financial application domain. In this paper authors intend to provide a short review of the knowledge-based information retrieval and extraction, and knowledge presentation technologies through the brief discussion of the project and the realized application. First, we present the architecture and the main features of the complete knowledge-based retrieval system. Then we discuss two major subjects in more detail: the document retrieval and information extraction system, and the ontology-based knowledge management services. We also introduce some related theoretical backgrounds briefly, like structured information extraction with web wrappers, {XML,} and conceptualization with ontologies. Besides theory, we show some experimental result of the realized software systems.