Telefonnal emberi nyelven (Android voice interactions)

Készítsünk természetes nyelven kommunikáló android alkalmazást!


Orace Java és Android Studio telepítése Ubuntu alatt (minden korábbi JDK és JRE törlése után):

Migrating physical machines to oVirt with relax-and-recover (p2v using rear)

Relax-and-recover offers a fairly easy way to migrate physical (UNIX) machines to a virtualized environment.

Ubuntu Gnome Desktop

After dropping Fedora I switched to Ubuntu Gnome Desktop. It works pretty well, even my kids can use it.
This page contains some random tips about it. See my other pages about Gnome and Fedora on Lenovo.

Forget Fedora

I've been using Fedora for a couple of years now. I was kind of happy with it. I liked Gnome3 and I could handle the minor annoyances. It was stable enough to serve as my work, travel and home opsys.

As F16 reaches its EOL, I installed F18 on a clean PC. Well....

It is a disaster

The installer tries to be simple and intuitive but it is oversimplfied and not handy at all.
It crashed two times before I managed to install Fedora. F16 installed on the same PC without any problems.

Gnome3 - worth a try

I was using KDE until it broke me down with its poor networking (you cannot open+save an Openoffice document from/to the network), then I switched to Gnome + Compiz Fusion which is actually quite good but a little bit unstable sometimes (at least with the open source ATI driver).

I watched a video introducing Gnome3 and its new features and read an excellent article about its basics. I gave it a try by installing Fedora15 on my home desktop and laptop.